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Standard users can't add an event in their calendar

Last Updated: Jul 01, 2015 08:32AM UTC
Concerned environment
  • Salesforce Summer 2015 edition
  • SellWhere Standard Edition

In SellWhere Visit Planning, a Salesforce standard user tries to add an event in her calendar, but when validating the event, it doesn't appear in the calendar. No error message are displayed.
Salesforce administrators don't have issue adding events.

Steps to reproduce
  1. Connect to Salesforce with an End User account.
  2. Go to the SellWhere tab and select any map
  3. Click on an account (or any mapped object)
  4. Click on the calendar icon, and validate keeping current date and time
  5. Go to the users' calendar: no event has been added
There has been a technical change in the calendar behavior with Salesforce Summer 2015 edition.
In order for a third app like SellWhere to be allowed to add an event in the user's calendar, the user must have read and write rights on the DataSetId field of the Event object:

In order to solve that issue, all users should be given this right. This can be done through several options:
  • Update the Standard user profile
  • Add this right to the SellWhere EndUser permission set
Note that the default SellWhere EndUser permission set cannot be directly updated and has to be cloned first, then updated. Users will have to be assigned this cloned permission set afterwards.

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