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bi-directionality of map and widgets

Last Updated: Aug 12, 2014 03:59PM UTC
> popular request about functionality of our BI*Where for SAP BO product.
Currently our software does not perform in a manner in which selections on the BI*Where Interactive Map will cause the reports tabular data elements.
Along with BI*Where which implements Location Intelligence to Webi Reports, we offer a similar solution for SAP Dashboards in which all data visualization elements in the Dashboard are updated according to selections. This is a very light-weight application that can connect to your BOE data for powerful information analysis. While you are evaluating your existing BI*Where on-site in your BOE data environment, we do offer a demo site for the Dashboard, and you can get you an evaluation copy as well (please contact us More information:
More specifically as a potential workaround to have selections on the BI*Where Interactive Map interact with BOE data, here are a few suggestions:
> If the Map Document is selected to use the BOE Query populating the Webi report,
then changes to the Query filters will update the Map components. (Ex. A Query filter on CountyFips/ZipCode etc.)
> If the Map Document is selected to use a Webi Report block, then with additional input controls (ex. drop down for filtering BOE tabular block)
the Map will reflect the updates to that Webi Report block.
> Updates to the BOE data widgets do not occur with simple Map Document selections. A workaround for this is: >> defining a Spatial Filter on the Geographic Dimension (State, Count, Zip, etc.) & link to Webi Report >> selecting the same Geo Dimensions on the Map Document via InfoWindow, Selection Tool, or Area Analysis → Selection will launch >> a new Webi Report that has detailed information on the selected Map elements
Additional information on mapping a BOE Query and supported BOE Table/Block formats are detailed in the BIWhere for BO User Guide (UserGuide.BIWhere4BO_G14_en.pdf) in
Chapter 3: Mapping a Report→ Choosing Data Providers & Mapping tables and calculated indicators sections
Detailed information on creating Spatial Filters is included in the BIWhere for BO User Guide in Chapter 5: Setup a Spatial Filter
I hope this helps to provide some information and support around your inquiry.
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